You can fish from the bank outside the house or travel further afield.
  Through the garden gate there is direct access to a
stretch of the River Wye which has plenty of barbel
(top left), pike (top right) and chubb (right). Although Putson Manor owns the bank and the trench through
which the river flows, it doesn't own the fishing rights.
However, just up the road within easy walking
distance (or a five minute drive) is Sue's Angling
(16-18 Hinton Road) where you can buy a day ticket
for £5.00 (they are not available on the bank). The
closed fishing season runs from mid-March to mid-June.
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The River Wye and its tributaries of the River Usk and Lugg, are famous for game fishing for salmon
(above left) and trout (above right).
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